Food - fiber - Fuel - Homes - Health - Healing

"To change what we do, first we must change what we know."


In a time not so long ago, America's greatest landscapes were filled with wild and cultivated hemp.

From the America's to Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and the world beyond, Hemp has grown for thousands of years and has been utilized by our forefathers for food, clothing, construction and applied textiles.


We've crossed the seas with hemp sails, drafted nations on hemp paper, and have revered the plant for its natural healing components for centuries

In less than 100 years, thousands of years worth of knowledge, and appreciation of the world's most versatile and sustainable crop has all but disappeared from our landscape.


With the advent of modern technology, the uses of hemp have expanded to include thousands of sustainable materials

to include construction materials, consumer and industrial textiles, molded plastics, biofuel, natural body care, and a wealth of therapeutic extracts.

How did we get so far off track?

Years of misinformation, and miseducation,  mixed with industrial and political interests have kept the global landscape from staying green. 


We are here to change the narrative, by revealing the bigger picture.

If there was ever a plant to be mans best friend, it'd be Hemp.