A NC Hemp Enterprise

Focused on Media, Marketing, Education, & Innovation


Since 2015 we’ve been producing, developing, and marketing premier cannabis content for the public, our clients, and our partners.

Our Services


  • Event Services: (Photography, Videography, Aerial, Live Streaming) 

  • Videography Services: (Commercials, Ads, Interviews, Podcasts, Vlogs, & Live Streaming, B-Roll Kits)

  • Photography Services: (Cannabis Photography, Bio-Photo's, Promotional Photography)

  • Educational Marketing: ( Slideshows, Booklets, How-To Videos, Products Use & Review Videos)

  • Graphic Design Services: ( Brand Logo's, Product Labels & Packaging, Billboards, Ads, Signage)

  • Digital Marketing Services: (Web Design & Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing)

  • Physical Marketing Accessories: (Magnets, Clothes, Bags, Pens, Signage)

  • Print Marketing Materials: (Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Pamphlets, Booklets)

  • Advertising: (Ads, Content Writing, Copywriting)



Projects & Operations


  • The Lyfe By Hemp Campaign - A Documentary Series following the rise of Industrial Hemp in the Nation

  • Hempletic - HEMP Athletic Wear Clothing Brand

  • The Hemp Store NC - NC Retail Hemp Stores

  • Cromartie Farms - Cannabis Cultivation & Supply Company


we are a grass roots organization that seeks to highlight and utilize everything the hemp plant has to offer

Our Mission - To Educate, Innovate & Cultivate

Our Mission is to change the visual and mental perception of Hemp, allowing people to further understand the humanitarian potential of the plant for the planet. We do this by fueling innovation, & business development, embarking on ambitious projects, events, and educational endeavors to bring the truth to light.